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Cape Ann Tourist’s Guide by Roger W. Babson and Foster H. Saville (Cape Ann Community League, Inc., 1952-1954)

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Off The Beaten Path (Dogtown)


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Babson Clan In Reunion At Old Shop, Gloucester Daily Times, 8/25/1958

Cooperage Not Oldest Building, Gloucester Daily Times, 7/12/1990

Historic Site of Babson Family Opens July 17, Gloucester Daily Times, 7/11/1931

Babson Genealogies and Other Books about Babsons

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Roger Babson

The Genealogy Entry for Roger Babson

This is the section of the genealogy on Roger Ward Babson. Roger established the Babson Historical Association.
You can learn more about Roger and other family members in the full two volume Babson Genealogy.

Details of Roger Ward Babson from the Babson College Website

New England Historical Society – Roger and Dogtown

Babson Cemeteries

First Parish Burial Ground – Gloucester, MA

Oak Grove Cemetery – Gloucester, MA