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The Babson Historical Association, Inc. (BHA) is an organization comprised of over 333 members from across the US. It was established by Roger Ward Babson, founder of Babson College in Wellesley MA, in 1950 with the purpose of  maintaining the James Babson Museum, conserving artifacts associated with the barrel making industry that James Babson initiated, supporting the legacy of James Babson descendants on Cape Ann and elsewhere, and providing an opportunity for Babsons across the country to reconnect on a regular basis in Rockport.

Funds set aside by Roger Ward Babson are used to support local historical societies with strong Babson connections, as well as the researching and publication of numerous Babson genealogies, most recently a 2 volume edition published in 2017. The BHA also supports a family reunion every 5 years at the James Babson Museum in Rockport, providing an opportunity for Babsons across the country to meet, share family stories and to enjoy a traditional New England clambake. James Babson descendants interested in becoming members of the BHA can contact info@babsonassoc.org.


Robert G. Babson

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